I knew it! YES! haha.. (x)





After years of Shelagh being the ‘pretty one’ in their marriage Patrick made an active stand one night.

This fandom has gone too far for my own sanity

yes, we took the wrong bus and and someone should take our temperature, by hand on the forehead….

I don’t know what is happening right now.

I don’t really know either……..


For those who has seen Anna and the King. I made a quick fanvideo because I don’t have a life (And I love this movie with all my heart! And Jodie Foster!) For those who has not seen the film, do it!!!!

Hey guys. I just had an idea… :) 



Karen Gillan.

Discussing Amy’s relationship with the Doctor: She (Amy Pond) doesn’t take his (the Doctor’s) word as gospel and she’s always happy to challenge him. If he tells her to do something then she won’t necessarily do it, she might go off and do her own thing which can sometimes create a rift between the two of them! They are best pals though and it’s a very up and down relationship because they are both very passionate people.

Whoever did this is a genius! This really made me smile and made my horrid day a bit better. Thank you whoever you are! 



I imagine that Shelagh looks at Patrick this way quite a bit at the breakfast table…


We also need to see her wearing those type of short sleeves next season.

Laurel, I love you progression in art! You’re so good and talented! I really love this one!!! 



So I was inspired to draw Shelagh holding her diary because I was unashamedly rereading this-unruly-heart's diary fic…. http://thisunrulyheart.wordpress.com/the-diary-part-1/


Never read to the end of the Call the Midwife books because you will end up crying your eyes out. MY POOR BABY CYNTHIA.



The Crimson Field 1.01

Seriously, catch up with this lovely show!  


If you haven’t seen the first episode of “The crimson Field” DO IT! It seems like a really wonderful show!!! 


Bernadette Heather ‘Etty’ Turner (from First Soaring and Finally Flying) throughout the years.